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VTEL is a leading system integrator and value added distrubutrer of Unified Communications Solutions. Since 2005, with its complete set of AGW, Class 4 , Class 5 , FMC and OSS/BSS solutions porftolio, VTEL has deployed dozen of Telecom Operators network from the ground up having the moffer unparalled services totheir carrier, cooperate and consumer clients.

Morethan 1000 enterprises and hospitaly clients , increased productivity, connectivity and enjoyed the cost savings through VTELs Advanced İP based solutions. Whetherit’s VoIP, analog, T1/E1, CDMA, 3G, or GSM, VTEL has the products and solutions necessarytoun if your enterprise’s communications media. We at VTEL have a strong commitment to our customers and provide the best possible service infrastructure. VTEL solutions have a solid reputation for reliability, as well as being application and maintenance friendly.

The VTEL service offering is structured to match our customers’ re quirements at eachstage of the product life cycle – focusing on pre- and post-installation. For these two main stages, service is spliting to packages which can provide the right level of support for different customer types.

As well as offeringfull service covert to our customers, we also provide a comprehensive training program designed to mee tall of your product-related educational needs. Our training team possesses an unrivalled know ledge of VTEL products and can provide you and your staff with the level of understanding needed to enable the smoothday to dayrunning of VTEL solutions.

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